Hello my beautiful sister,

Today Edgardito had his second Little League game.  You should see him in his little costume.  He looks like a pro.  Wishing you were there to see and cheer him on.  He played right field today.  I am making sure he practices his catching and batting skills. He is practicing with a pitching machine I got him .  Anyway, here are some pictures from today’s practice. Continue reading “Playball!”

Jurassic Quest

Hello my beautiful sister,

Today I took Edgardito and Ivette to Jurassic Quest.  The day was brutally hot, reading in the car’s outside temperature at 101 degrees.  When we arrived the kids were excited to see all the dinosaurs and different activities.  They had a little bit of fear but they Continue reading “Jurassic Quest”

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello my beautiful sister,

We have not forgotten you.  You are forever present with us.  Your presence is truly missed.  We see you everyday in your beloved children.  They have been having so much fun this weekend.  It started on Saturday when we took them to Bailey’s 12th  Birthday celebration at the Hilton.   Continue reading “Memorial Day Weekend”

Learning to swim

To my beautiful sister watching over us,

Today was wonderful day.  Edgardito, Gladys Ivette, and Naheomy have improved so much at swimming in such a short notice.  Edgardito continues to amaze me.  With encouragement and trust he overcomes his fears.  When we were practicing to swim, I kept reminding him that “there is nothing to be afraid of”.   Continue reading “Learning to swim”

Bbq, water, and laughter

Today was a great day.  We did a little Pollo a la braza (rotisserie chicken) along with hot dogs and smoked sausages.  Titi Elsa and the kids , Titi Migna, Bitín, Yoally, Genesis, Papo y Mita, Tio Ruben, and Big sister Bailey also came and we all had a good family day with the kids.  There was plenty of food including Continue reading “Bbq, water, and laughter”