Memorial Day Weekend

Hello my beautiful sister,

We have not forgotten you.  You are forever present with us.  Your presence is truly missed.  We see you everyday in your beloved children.  They have been having so much fun this weekend.  It started on Saturday when we took them to Bailey’s 12th  Birthday celebration at the Hilton.  The kids had a lot of fun and they continue to improve the swimming skill.  Edgardito is swimming like a little fish and feels very confident in his swimming ability.  Even so, we are always right there to keep an eye on them just as you did.  Even Naheomy likes to go underneath the water and pop back up with a  huge smile in her face.

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Sunday was all about MEGACON!

Megacon 01

Edgardito AKA ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’ was running all day collecting rings 🙂  With Tio Ruben AKA ‘Star Lord’ – (Whoooo?), Tio Miguel, Titi Elsa, Leilani AKA ‘Toothless’ from How to Train your Dragon, and Titi Monica all had a blast looking at everyone dress up and all the goodies the convention had to offer.

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We LOVE you and we will always see you through the precious gift you have left us!

Your brother,

Juan R


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