Not ready to say goodbye

My beautiful sister, I am not ready to say goodbye.  I love you with all of my heart.  You were the second woman who loved me since I joined you in this life.  You were there to help me study when I needed help.  You were there to give me counsel when you saw something wrong. I cannot believe such a foolish act took you away from all of us. We all miss you.  You are LOVED by so many because you were such a beautiful spirit.  Many may have thought you didn’t have many friends since you didn’t go out much, but in reality, you have thousands.  Thousands are suffering your loss, even some who didn’t get the pleasure of knowing you.

I will keep you close to my heart.  I will treasure your little ones who were left behind.   I will never say goodbye because I will see you in them for all my time.


One thought on “Not ready to say goodbye

  1. From the first day we came across, we clicked and she made me fill in place not afraid of the challenge of not knowing too many just arriving from pr not having too many friends she was refresing. I will always remembet her for the good friend that she
    was, good mother, good daughter, good sister and even if we didnt get to see each other for long periods of time. When we say each other she was so happy to see us n connect and we will hug and talk about our children and life. Rest in peace there is nothing that will take the fact that your life was robbed from too many. But God had to help your family the most, he will not leave you. ,💖💖

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