Chuck e Cheese day

Today (Saturday April 2nd)  was a wonderful day.  My wife (Titi Monica), my brother (Tio Felix) and I took Edgardito, Gladys Ivette, and Naheomy to Chuck e Cheese.  All the kids had a wonderful time.  Cheese Pizza was our lunch.

 Edgardito and Tio Felix did  an excellent job and got 199 tickets.  The prize for all their hard work was a little foam rocket that is launched by air pressure.  

Titi Monica and I watched and played with Naheomy and Gladys Ivette.  Although they preferred the slow moving rides instead of the ticket generating games we accumulated 234 tickets.  This sum got them two packs of crayons,  2 cherry laffy taffys, and 2 small boxes of nerds candy.

All in all, it was a fun day and all the running around claimed some while others laughed from a sugar rush.


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